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Whether in dealing with issues directly related to parenting, or in working with the parents of her younger clients, Laura provides a wide array of knowledge in issues related to parenting.

Family Portrait

Through situations that include relationship or academic struggles, divorce, blending families, or other traumatic or disruptive changes to the family structure, Laura helps parents and children re-learn how to communicate, supports parents in establishing clear family roles and expectations, and reminds children of their strengths and values throughout this process.

"Laura helped support and blend our two families together and her advice was priceless. Laura has also helped our twelve year-old daughter with her anger issues. She helped her cope by giving her the tools she needed to cope with her emotions. Laura used deep breathing exercises, yoga, and improved her communication skills. This has helped our daughter deal with her tween years and has given her the necessary skills to handle her emotions. Laura is compassionate, professional, and respectful. Her ideas have always been effective and highly useful. I highly recommend her for family and child therapy." 

Anxiety & Worry • Anger & Irritability • Attachment Issues • Bipolar  • Caregiver Stress • Chronic Pain• Communication Problems • Depression • Divorce • Grief, Loss & Bereavement • Health Coaching • Health & Wellness • Infidelity • Job Coaching • Mid-life Challenges • Mood Swings • Obsessions & Compulsions • Phobias • Post Traumatic Stress • Relationships Challenges • Self-harm • Sexual Abuse • Sexual Orientation • Stress / Stress reduction • Suicidal Thoughts & Behavior • Trauma • Trust Issues • Workplace Stress • Work-Life Balance

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