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Image by Zhen H


Are you a talk therapist looking to deepen your skills and weave in somatic techniques?
I would be happy to work with you!


My style is collaborative, experiential, and relaxed. My orientation with clients is typically insight-oriented, psychodynamic and attachment based, with Somatic Experiencing woven in throughout. I would be honored to help you experience and practice these skills.

In addition to completing the three year Somatic Experiencing training in 2017, I feel fortunate to have taken master classes with Peter Levine, including the Psychology of the Body-Body Reading and Developmental Trauma; Chronic Pain and Syndromes; and Shame and Pride. I have assisted  SE faculty members Maureen Gallegher and Shideh Lennon during Somatic Experiencing trainings. I have taken numerous courses with Nancy Napier, including Your Future Self,  and have deeply integrated all of these experiences into my work. Currently I am offering SE sessions for credit at the beginning level. 

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