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I support children aged six and up with their mental health, family, school, and social challenges.

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I take every measure to ensure that the child or teen feels comfortable working with me, and I collaborate with parents, teachers, guidance counselors, pediatricians and other important adults in their lives. I believe that for almost every course of treatment with children and teens to be successful, parents must be willing to be involved with the treatment process and make themselves available to meet regularly. 

Sessions with me usually include teaching clients how to use bodily sensations, movement and imagery to better regulate and express their emotions. I have always been a lifelong learner, and have extensive post-graduate training in play therapy, psychodynamic therapy, Somatic Experiencing (SEP), EMDR, CBT and DBT.  


Let's face it: parenting can be joyful, and it can also bring us to our knees. Sometimes your child or teen isn't ready for therapy, but as a parent, you might be overwhelmed and need guidance. I enjoy supporting and coaching parents of children with mental health, relationship, or academic struggles. I can also help you sort out the implications of divorce, blended families, or other disruptive changes to the family structure.

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Kind words from a former teen client-

"I first met Laura when she was recommended to me after a traumatic event. She not only helped me get through the trauma but resolved long standing issues that were worsening my depression. I was reluctant at first, but as soon as Laura and I began talking, I knew that she was the right therapist for me. Each week I looked forward to seeing her as she always had a smile on her face and a positive attitude. The advice she has given me surrounding my home, school and social life has helped me change my perspective on many things and reminded me to not worry about the little things. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone struggling with any range of issues. Laura is not only an amazing therapist and person, but I would be proud to call her a friend as well."

Addiction • Anxiety & Worry • Anger & Irritability • Attachment Issues • Bipolar  • Caregiver Stress • Communication Problems • Depression • Divorce • Grief, Loss & Bereavement • Health Coaching • Health & Wellness • Infidelity • Job Coaching • Mid-life Challenges • Mood Swings • Obsessions & Compulsions • Phobias • Post Traumatic Stress • Relationships Challenges • Self-harm • Sexual Abuse • Sexual Orientation • Stress / Stress reduction • Suicidal Thoughts & Behavior • Trauma • Trust Issues • Workplace Stress • Work-Life Balance

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