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My years of experience have shown me over and over again that we all have the ability to heal and expand our lives in meaningful, sustainable ways, especially if we are able to work with both the mind and the body.

Image by Yoann Boyer

Integrating Somatic Experiencing or EMDR into talk therapy gives me a broader array of therapeutic tools to help you heal in a gentle and long-lasting manner.


A session with me will feel much like a talk therapy session and may also include some grounding strategies, breath-work and movement.  We will undergo a gentle exploration of your early relationships and subsequent life experiences and how they have affected your thinking, behavior, and emotions. For trauma treatment, I help you gradually and safely start to feel and experience the emotions and physical reactions that "got stuck" during and after the trauma(s). 

I have extensive post-graduate training in psychodynamic therapy, Somatic Experiencing (SEP), EMDR, Exposure Therapy, Cognitive Restructuring, CBT and DBT. 


"I have had the pleasure of working with Laura for nearly five years. During that time, she has helped me better myself both personally and professionally. Laura coaches me on how I can handle difficult situations by talking about my concerns and helping map out a plan toward my desired result. If difficult conversations are necessary, Laura and I will practice having those discussions so that I’m prepared."

"Through my sessions with Laura I truly feel transformed into a different person. She helped me find the strength and courage to fight through all my pain and mental roadblocks. This has allowed me the opportunity to finally go after what I want in life. I am currently on my second semester of grad school (received a 3.8 first semester) and halfway through my internship. I have built great relationships with the children in the school as well as with the other staff.  I am finally in a position to do something I am passionate about and it has been extremely rewarding. I am forever grateful for all of Laura's help."

"Through our work together I have successfully navigated the transition from being a teenager to adulthood. I developed a closer relationships with my parents and began my marriage on the right foot by working to make our partnership as strong as possible. Finally,I’ve worked to maintain a work life balance that allows me to grow my career while also having enough time to fulfill my personal interests."

Addiction • Anxiety & Worry • Anger & Irritability • Attachment Issues • Bipolar  • Caregiver Stress • Communication Problems • Depression • Divorce • Grief, Loss & Bereavement • Health Coaching • Health & Wellness • Infidelity • Job Coaching • Mid-life Challenges • Mood Swings • Obsessions & Compulsions • Phobias • Post Traumatic Stress • Relationships Challenges • Self-harm • Sexual Abuse • Sexual Orientation • Stress / Stress reduction • Suicidal Thoughts & Behavior • Trauma • Trust Issues • Workplace Stress • Work-Life Balance

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