"I first met Laura when she was recommended to me after a traumatic event. She not only helped me get through the trauma, but resolved many long standing issues that were worsening my depression. I was reluctant at first due to a negative experience with a previous therapist, but as soon as Laura and I began talking, I knew that she was the right therapist for me. Each week I looked forward to seeing her as she always had a smile on her face and a positive attitude. The advice she has given me surrounding my home, school and social life has helped me change my perspective on many things and reminded me to not worry about the little things. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone struggling with any range of issues. Laura is not only an amazing therapist and person, but I would be proud to call her a friend as well."



Laura works with children and teens in a variety of situations in which they are dealing with issues related to mental health, school, relationships, or family life. Her success is predicated upon creating an environment that speaks to each individual's unique situation. Laura takes every measure to ensure that the child or teen feels comfortable working with her. She also seeks out information from parents, teachers, guidance counselors, pediatricians and other important adults in clients’ lives to obtain a well-rounded view of clients, including their strengths and areas of challenge. Laura believes that for therapy with children and teens to be successful it is important that parents are willing to be involved with the treatment process and make themselves available to meet regularly. 


Laura is trained in play therapy, psychodynamic therapy, CBT and DBT which she uses based on the age and needs of the client.

Her years of experience working with children and teens make her extremely sensitive to the reality that it is often not clear or readily apparent why children are experiencing certain issues. While she is very careful to uncover all contributing factors, Laura respects the feelings, comfort-level and progress of her clients first and foremost. 





Whether in dealing with issues directly related to parenting, or in working with the parents of her younger clients, Laura provides a wide array of knowledge in issues related to parenting.


Through situations that include relationship or academic struggles, divorce, blending families, or other traumatic or disruptive changes to the family structure, Laura helps parents and children re-learn how to communicate, supports parents in establishing clear family roles and expectations, and reminds children of their strengths and values throughout this process.





Attachment Issues

Adjusting to change


Bi-polar Disorder

Blended families

Communication problems


Domestic violence/emotional abuse

Hyperactivity/inattention/impulsivity (AD/HD)

Learning difficulties & educational/school issues

Mood swings







Tel: 203.554.3853


Obsessions & compulsions

Oppositional behavior


Relationship challenges

School problems/School refusal


Sexual abuse / Sexual assault

Sexual orientation

Sibling Rivalry

Suicidal thoughts and behavior

Trauma & post traumatic stress disorder

Trust issues


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